Lent has always been a time for interesting conversations with our kids. Besides that the church is dressed in one of their favourite colours (purple), all sorts of strange things happen. Events that are out of their usual routine gets them in the mood for their repeated whys, most of which we can’t answer well enough. But I guess that’s what Fr. Zimmer is for.

We’ve been on the “no meat on Fridays/cutting back on fancy desserts” conversation for a while. This was set off by our Dessert for Dinner on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. Nothing like crepes with syrup at 7pm to get little kids chatting. So far we’ve been talking about how Lent is a time for concentrating on becoming better, or getting used to eating (or having) enough instead of too much. For some reason we got to talking about what “rich” means and they’ve decided that we must be rich since have extra. And if you have extra, then you can probably give some away. They’ve been discussing which Barbie is going to get booted off the island and get given away.

Because of Ash Wednesday, the topic of death has come up a couple of times. We’ve had a few of our good friends pass away in our children’s recent memory, and so this theme has been a recurring one. We talk about how we have a soul, and God takes care of our soul after we die. This year our children have been chatting amongst themselves about the actual location of their soul, and we weren’t much help with that mystery.

All these conversations aren’t very long. Minutes, I would say. Sometimes even seconds. But I imagine that they will serve as a foundation for their journey in faith as they get older, and as their questions get deeper and deeper.

Online Stations of the Cross
We’ve been on the hunt for an age appropriate online Stations of the Cross so that we can pray it with our kids on Fridays. We’ve been using this one, but wonder if you’ve found others that are also good. Let us know.