Retro Bible story books

Retro Windfall
We recently received a pile of Bible story books a foot high (the pile, not the books). Good friends were cleaning out their basement and found these books, which were well-read favourites back in the day. The illustrations are definitely retro, but what struck me was how well written they are. Perfect for reading, I don’t find that I have to adlib half the story to make it clear. I’ve placed the stack in a conspicuous place and find little people sitting quietly looking at the pictures once in a while. Definitely a good purchase if you see these in a garage sale or on Craigslist.

Babies and Bibles
Before this, all we had in the children’s Bible department was a large cartoony board book. Each story was reduced to a four line rhyming verse. The thing about verse is that sometimes it sacrifices clarity for rhyme. Every page had bunnies. I didn’t know bunnies were indigenous to the Middle East. In any case, it was good for our purposes at the time: it’s good to have one that can be gnawed on by a one year old. Introduction to scripture? Check. Teething toy? Check.

St. Clement Children Library
At St. Clements, kids can borrow a few books to read during Mass. The bin is usually located right when you come in and is filled with good books for all ages.