Zenit has a great article where they interview mom and author Lisa Hendey, who started catholicmom.com. In the article, Hendy says,

I love the words of St. Thérèse of Lisieux, who encouraged us to make every act a prayer, a tangible sign of our love for God. This philosophy certainly relates in the life of a mom, whose days are filled with mundane tasks like laundry, cooking and cleaning. Done with devotion, these simple acts become a mother’s prayer.

There’s nothing like four loads of laundry on a Sunday night to drive one to one’s knees in earnest prayer. She goes one step further to say that the four loads can be prayer. Sounds good to me.

Catholicmom.com celebrates “all things Faith, Family, and Fun from a Catholic perspective” and seems to have an endless number of neat and handy resources for the young Catholic family.