Children have a very important role in the Passover seder. Traditionally the youngest child is prompted to ask questions about the Passover seder, beginning with the words, Mah Nishtana HaLeila HaZeh (Why is this night different from all other nights?).
– “Passover”, Wikipedia

At No Frills, there is a clearance bin filled with Easter stuff. Which is cool since the Church celebrates Easter all the way to Pentecost Sunday — fifty days of festivities! Fifty days is probably how long it will take us to do justice to the amount of chocolate my children have collectively received. After forty Lenten days of little or no desserts, they are revelling in the regular distribution of chocolate eggs at the end of each meal. While (or ideally, before) their mouths are stuffed with chocolate, I take a cue from the beautiful role of little Jewish children during the Passover and ask “Why are we having so many good things to eat these days?” “Easter!” “And what is Easter?” “When Jesus rose!”

And now back to the chocolate eggs.

Meanwhile, at the dinner table tonight: “Why are we having such nice dessert today?” “Because it’s Jesus’ birthday!” Sigh.