There has been a firestorm of news about the proposed sex education curriculum that the province of Ontario was poised to roll-out in September but has since shelved. Since our kids are really little, this topic was not foremost in my mind before. But the hullaballoo has been an effective (and humbling) wake-up call for me.

A while back, someone in my daughter’s schoolbus came home with a not age-appropriate story. I had a chat with an older and wiser individual, worried about what all this schoolbus talk meant for my then four-year-old. Was there something more that I should be doing? I asked her. That conversation ended with her reassuring me that our daughter is surrounded by healthy expressions of love and life (mommy, daddy, uncles, aunts, grandparents and lots of babies) that will serve her well as a context for all the schoolbus talk.

Dem years, they keep a-comin’ and I’m sure that my husband and I need to prepare ourselves soon (now?) for what is coming. Our children are getting older and the time is coming to present what the Church has to offer in terms of love and life — which means that we have to be fully versed and comfortable with what the Church has to offer in terms of love and life. Which means reading. And praying.

Stay tuned for more on this topic (as I learn more about this topic).