For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.
– Matthew 18:17

I remember my grandmother always repeating that Bible quote. It stuck, and it’s a wonderful promise, so I find myself repeating it to my kids.

Tonight, during prayers, we veered off into a discussion about the physical location of Jesus. I think I mentioned the Bible quote and one of my kids countered with “But He’s always here in my heart.” He’s also in the Eucharist during Communion. He’s also in the Tabernacle. He’s also in that mysterious room with a pretty door at the basement of St. Clement. He’s also in Heaven. So where is He?

Like many of our conversations that happen when it’s past our bedtime, I’m not sure how we ended it. Somewhere in there between thanking Jesus for Daddy and God-blessing a long list of loved ones, either they found an answer that they were happy with or have wisely postponed the exploration to the next day.

Wherever He is, He’s in their midst.