If you have really little children like we do, you may have noticed that it gets difficult to pay attention to the readings. My husband and I compare notes in the car ride home and, sometimes, the details we piece together get rather sparse.

“Something about Moses. And a calf. That’s all I got.”
“How about the homily?”
“Something about… nope. Nothing. You?”
“Nope. Dirty diaper.”

My husband recently had the brilliant idea of reading the readings before the Mass. We concede that responsible Catholics have probably been doing this since the beginning of time, but boy, did it sound clever at the time.

EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network) has calendar which features a link to the readings along with something inspirational from a saint for each day.

The Archdiocese of Toronto has a printable calendar in PDF format that provide information on daily celebrations and readings at Mass, which are taken from the liturgical calendar.

Do you have a favourite Catholic online resource? Please feel free to share.