We recently got our hands on a second-hand copy of the grade two book of the Faith and Life Series, Jesus Our Life. The Faith and Life Series is a popular religious education series for grades one to eight. More about it here.

I sat down to read it with my six-year old and three-year old. The first line of the first chapter is “Do you know who God is?” My three-year old scrunched herself into a ball and made fists with a look that said, “Oooh this is going to be GOOD!” As I read each line the book offered about God, both children were glued to me, eyes wide open. They even convinced me to do the end-of-chapter questions.

I never would have guessed that reading an old textbook would be so exciting, but I guess someone in junior kindergarten and grade one don’t have the same baggage adults have about school. Or about God.

This series of books is used by many homeschoolers and, although I’m not homeschooling, I’m thinking that it might be neat to go through the texts in parallel to what they might be learning at school and at the parish.

With the end of the summer, the Time With God Children’s Program will be back in session during the 10am Mass. It is available for children in JK to grade three.