There are Dark Days of Parenting when it feels like replacing me with a wooden post would be an improvement for my family. Those are the days when I find myself worrying, worrying, worrying. Flashbacks of mistakes, frustrated rants and different strategies replay in my tired mind.

I recently watched my toddler throw a tantrum and it occured to me that my internal worry-loop was a quieter version of hers. When she’s super frustrated, I sometimes tell her in a calm voice, “Ask Mama for help. Calm down. Ask me for help.” She can’t hear me, for all the yelling, but there are days when she calms down. “Mama, I NEEEEED help!”

I imagined that God’s voice was being muffled by my worrying and He’s saying, “Ask me for help. Calm down. Ask me for help.” And I can’t hear Him, for all my worrying. My little adult tantrums.

So now I try to listen. And pray. Sometimes.

God, I NEEEED help!