If you have cable and little people, then you might have seen the show 4 Square. There’s a segment in the show where an acapella group sings a song along with a group of puppets (called the Do-Whahs). The children in the audience are told to Do what the Do-Whahs do, and sing along with the refrain of each song.

We’ve been asking our kids to try and follow along with what the big people are doing during Mass: stand when they’re standing, sit when they’re sitting, kneel when they’re kneeling. Our secret code (that is, what we whisper in their ear during Mass, along with a gentle nudge) is Do what the Do-Whahs do. It helps them be a bit more engaged and involved, and gets them to notice that there are indeed other people in the church with us. Look, look. Look at all these people praying. They still need quite a bit of reminding, but I’m sure we’ll get there someday.