There’s just nothing quite like a real, live pregnancy for promoting the Civilization of Love* with your little ones. But a book that “chronicles the nine months between conception and birth” with amazing photographs by Lennart Nilsson is pretty good, too. We found a second-hand copy of Being Born online, and it continues to be one of the favourites at our house.

*Civilization of Love: described here by Pope John Paul II, in his Letter to Families.

But far richer and more complete is the concept of love illustrated by Saint Paul. The hymn to love in the First Letter to the Corinthians remains the Magna Charta of the civilization of love. In this concept, what is important is not so much individual actions (whether selfish or altruistic), so much as the radical acceptance of the understanding of man as a person who “finds himself” by making a sincere gift of self. A gift is, obviously, “for others”: this is the most important dimension of the civilization of love.