Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, which starts of the season of Lent. Today we had Reese Puffs cereal for breakfast and are likely going to have pancakes for dinner. And dessert?

Daughter: Are we having dessert today?
Me: I don’t know yet.
Daughter: God knows.

Does anyone remember Lent?
We’ve been ramping up the Lent-themed conversations during meals in the last few days. Our oldest daughter, who is six, reported that her teacher had reminded them all to “give up something for Lent”. I asked her why and she shrugged and said she wasn’t sure. Sigh. Then, our four-year old gushed, “Lent? I LOVE Lent!” and everyone turned to her perplexed. “‘Cause after Lent, it’s EASTER!” Easter: memorable, Lent: not so much. Which, in my mind says, chocolate: memorable, giving up chocolate: not so much.

We’re going to try and work on the Our Father with the little ones who can talk. The oldest can already say it, so we’ll focus on the meaning of the prayer bit by bit. The one-year old is learning to blow a kiss to Jesus (three skills: blowing, kissing, finding Jesus). Is forty days enough? Probably not, but we gotta start small.

We’ll also try to follow along with this online Stations of the Cross on Fridays. Last year, the version that we end up saying out loud was much simpler than the text on the site. We’ll see how it goes this year.

Prayer cards from loved ones who have passed away have somehow collected themselves on the side of our fridge. They serve as a reminder for our family to say a quick May they rest in peace or Jesus, please take care of them.

The family candy bag, source of all things wonderful, will vanish into thin air. Friday meals will become meatless and simple. My challenge will be to post meatless Friday recipes for you for each Friday of Lent. Suggestions and comments are most welcome.

Fortunately, everyone’s piggy bank has a big rubber stopper at the bottom. This means that we don’t have to sacrifice the family of pigs in order to give to the poor box. Meanwhile, my husband and I need to sit down and take a good, hard look at our “piggy banks” and pray about our ShareLife contribution.

Please feel free to share the Lenten practices that you do with your family.