A wise parish volunteer involved with the Time With God program gave my daughter a rock. She treasures like it’s a chunk of Mars, keeping it under her pillow and checking on it every once in a while. It’s her prayer rock. It comes with a tiny piece of paper with instructions (in verse!): put it on your pillow when you wake up, put it on the floor beside you before you fall asleep. It further explains that it helps someone remember to pray at night (when they clunk their head on it) and in the morning (when they stub their toe on it).

To me, something about the winding down of bedtime makes it more condusive to prayer than the rush of the morning. On the other hand, in the morning, I find it difficult to contain the collective energy of little kids running around getting dressed, trying to make sure they don’t miss a bus. Actually, let’s be honest, I’m the one rushing everyone around in the morning. And really, I’m the one that has trouble making time for morning prayer…

But this rock, this wonderful rock, has been reminding my oldest daughter to pray in the morning since Good Friday (when she got it). It’s good to know that those clever folks at St. Clements are on my team. Now if only they sent her home with one for me, too.

I guess I could go to the backyard and get myself one…

Full Disclosure Update
The prayer rock is lost. Gotta find a new one.