My husband and I were so tired. We were lying in bed early one night, seriously considering calling it a day and starting again in the morning.

“We should say our prayers.”
“That’s right. In the name of the Father…”
“Why do kneel for prayers when we’re with the kids but sometimes we get to lie down for prayers when we’re alone?” Thoughtful pause.
“Let’s kneel.”

We lifted ourselves up to a kneeling position by our bed and I noticed that my tired knees were being supported by a soft but rather large puddle of clothes.

“How come the kids have to put their clothes away but I have a puddle of clothes by my bed?”

How come indeed. I have to remember that my personal struggle to grow in virtue can’t take a backseat to my efforts in raising virtuous children. Actually, my personal struggle to grow in virtue is probably the most important part of raising virtuous children. Thankfully, God is kind and merciful sends many gentle reminders. Which in turn should remind me to be kind and merciful and use gentle reminders.

Now to work on that rather large puddle of clothes…