Blessed Mother Teresa by Anna Bhushan

As a parent in the midst of the craziness of raising a family, I often find that I am in need of reinforcements. Fortunately, God puts them where and when I need them. I just have to pray that I recognize them for what they are. When I was younger, I came across a book of days called The Joy in Loving: A guide to daily living with Mother Teresa. In it, Jaya Chaliha and Edward Le Joly compiled 365 small pieces of Blessed Mother Teresa’s writings, one for each day of the year. Many years later, I haven’t tired of reading it, again and again.

In the face of difficulties, doubts and objections, trust in Him. He will not let you down. If God does not grant the means, that shows He does not want you to do that particular work. If He wants it done, He will give you the means. Therefore do not worry.
– entry for February 14

When I find myself getting increasingly distracted by stuff, or in need of some Splash of Cold Water Type of Perspective, the frank words of Blessed Mother Teresa are the perfect antidote. They stop me in my tracks and redirect me to what matters.

It is easy to smile at people outside your own home. It is so easy to take care of the people that you don’t know well. It is difficult to be thoughtful and kind and to smile and be loving to your own in the house day after day, especially when we are tired and in a bad temper or bad mood. We all have these moments and that is the time that Christ comes to us in a distressing disguise.
– entry for January 29

She reminds me time and time again that there are people who have been put in my life who need me, who need my love, who need my gentleness – that in caring for my family, I am caring for Jesus. I recently put up a small watercolour print of her near my computer where I work as a reminder to be gentle and kind. In the gentleness and kindness department, I need all the help I can get.

The fruit of silence is prayer,
the fruit of prayer is faith,
the fruit of faith is love,
the fruit of love is service,
the fruit of service is peace.