Grace Before Meals by Vicente Manansala

We’re blessed that the current one-year old sits patiently through Grace before meals and sometimes even says Amen! at the appropriate time (when prompted). Not all my children have been like this. I’ve taken this as an invitation to become a bit more adventurous with Grace and introduce a second language. Here is a simple and fun song that the older kids learned at school:

Benis Seigneur
(to the tune of Frère Jacques)
Benis Seigneur, benis Seigneur,
Ce goûter, ce goûter
Ce qui l’on preparer, ce qui l’on preparer
Amen, amen.

For the extra adventurous, here is the Sign of the Cross in French (so that you have a matching set):

Au nom du Père et du Fils et du Saint-Esprit. Amen.