My daily tasks are such small tasks. Such humble tasks. I find myself wiping drippy noses (among other body parts), changing diapers, tying shoelaces, singing the same songs over and over again, changing wet sheets or emptying the dishwasher in order to fill it up again. Often my mind wanders forward in time, worrying about this and that, or thinking about the next more exciting thing. When that happens, it’s like I’m not really there, not really sorting a pile of socks, not really listening to my daughter explain why she’s created a big pyramid of wet, crumpled balls of paper. When that happens, I have let an opportunity slip away.

A number of wise saints have written about doing small things with great love. Every task at hand I am faced with, no matter how annoyingly tediuos, is a gift from God. When I am grudging, distracted, or complaining, I waste a chance to do them with great love, nudging my soul in the right direction along that long, long rode to sanctity. If I really pay attention, there’s gold in them tasks. (Not that I’m a computer game kind of person, but they really remind me of coins in Super Mario Brothers.)

Life is so very full of things that distract us from the small acts of love that we’re called to do faithfully each day. There are always people who are easier to be with than the people God has placed near us. There’s always something more fun to do than emptying the dishwasher. God, please help me see you in the here and now. Help me bring you to each task I do. Remind me that I can be bringing forth your kingdom, one dirty dish, one drippy nose at a time.