Usually one of the last Catholics to clue into things, I’m excited to announce that I know that there is a new translation of the Mass coming starting Advent 2011… and it’s not Advent 2011 yet!

Father Zimmer has been giving us resources through the bulletin and website. One resource is the Archdiocese of Toronto website, filled with links that might help one prepare for the implementation of the new translation. In particular, you’ll find the whole Order of the Mass, and a nifty chart with just the people’s parts, comparing the old translation with the new.

Of my four kids, I have one that is already reading. This means that, new Missal in hand, she can join us in the adventure of learning the new responses, maybe even some of the new music. I imagine that the change will be less dramatic for her (and subsequently, all her little siblings) than it will be for us old folks who have gotten used to the old translation. I think it will mean that I won’t take the words for granted as much as I help her navigate the Mass. They’ll be new to me, too. We’ll be learning them together.

New Greeting
The Priest greets the people, saying, The Lord be with you.
We reply, And with your spirit. (instead of And also with you.)