Just as a contrast to the previous super-calm-family-enjoying-religious-art post, I thought I would share a few things that have been improving my prayer life for the last seven years.

Ways to Start a Fight with a Sibling
1. Get closer and poke him/her with a stick/foot/finger/crayon/wooden spoon/vacuum shnuffle/pool noodle. If this doesn’t work, poke harder.

2. Take whatever it is that they have in their hand and
a) run away
b) claim that it’s yours
c) claim that you had it first
d) claim that they’ve had it for too long
e) claim that they’re not supposed to have it anyway

3. Sneak up on them while they’re working on a drawing, scribble on it and
a) run away
b) claim that it looks better this way
c) accuse them of not sharing their piece of paper

4. Push them off the car/horse/chair/stroller/bed/pillow and see #2a-e

5. When they’re singing,
a) sing something else, loudly
b) sing the same thing, loudly. Say that it’s a “round”
c) claim that they’re giving you a headache
d) accuse them of singing it all wrong
e) see #1

6. When they’re reading a book,
a) sit beside them and lean your head close to the book so they can’t see the pages
b) accuse them of not letting you see the pages
c) turn the page before they’re ready
d) prevent them from turning the page when they’re ready
e) see #1