I spied this beautiful art book about Fra Angelico (1395-1455) on the clearance table at our local Chapters bookstore and couldn’t resist. Tonight we found ourselves with some extra time before bedtime (maybe that was on purpose) and the “three and up” group got a chance to leaf through the book together.

(If you look at the left carefully, you’ll see Adam and Eve having to leave the Garden of Eden, seemingly unrelated story from the Annunciation…)

We talked about Jesus’ wounds. We talked about angels. We talked about halos. We talked about the Annunciation – a theme that Fra Angelico painted multiple times. Our conversation bounced around from topic to topic, each topic inspired by the beauty of Fra Angelico’s work, who “never handled a brush without fervent prayer[note]“. When we were done, I closed the book and it went back on the shelf. Considering the sorry state of many of the books on the shelf, I think the fancy art book will be in for a surprise. But after the initial shock of being “loved” as only a three-year old can, I’m sure it’ll settle in fine. After all, not many fancy art books will get to bring kids in to the life of Jesus like it’ll be able to.

I found a site where you can leaf through the first few pages of the book. Not enough to do justice to all the great art that’s in it, but it gives you an idea.