Little babies and the Rosary
Really little babies and praying the Rosary go together really well. I often found myself stuck in a reclining position with a sleeping newborn on me at all hours of the day or night. Instead of being anxious about all the things I wasn’t able to do, I could say the Rosary.

Bigger babies
Throw in a few interesting toys and books onto the bed, maybe a pillow fort, and most babies are able to stay in the same room for the entire Rosary. Most, not all. Saying a decade was as good as it got with some of my babies, before you had to run and rescue them from some adventure or another.

Preschoolers can start trying to learn the words of the prayers that make up the Rosary. During bedtime prayers, we will sometimes say the Hail Mary or the Our Father and, after what seems like a gazillion years, they end up knowing the prayers by heart. There is also this nifty pamphlet that floats around our house that has tiny pictures of all the mysteries. You never know when you’ll be talking about the Sorrowful Mysteries, little person on your knee.

Nifty Rosary pamphlet

The Family Rosary
When I was in high school, I had some friends whose families said the Rosary together every night. We would be on the phone together when suddenly they would say, “Gotta go!” and then immediately hang up. I came to learn that when their parents called for the family Rosary, there were no delays. You stopped what you were doing and headed to the living room. My family didn’t have a devotion to the Rosary back then and my friends’ commitment to it impressed me.

Using Technology
Did you know that there are all manner of Rosary apps for various smartphones and tablets? When you’re browing through the app store next time with your technological appendage of choice, don’t forget to check out the feature-packed apps that might add a new dimension to your daily Rosary.
Update: Here is a link to a blog post reviewing a few Rosary apps for the iPod Touch and iPad.

A Rosary app on a smart phone

I personally struggle with staying on top of my daily prayers, whether it be the Rosary, the Angelus or even the simple Morning Offering. Slowly and slowly, stopping what I am doing to offer God minutes and minutes of my time in prayer is becoming a more regular part of my day, and not something that I feel I should get a parade for.