It’s just so beautiful!

The other day, my eldest was suffering through an infected earring hole, sadly waiting for Daddy to get back from the pharmacy with something to make it better. I sat with her, keeping her company and mentioned that God only lets things happen that will leave us better, or stronger.

“I don’t think this ear infection is going to make me stronger, Mama. After it’s better, I’m still not going to be able to push our house over. Or I won’t be strong like Daddy.”
“Not that kind of stronger.”
“What kind of stronger?”
“Stronger like you can be good even if bad things are happening, even if you’d really rather do something bad. That kind of stronger.”
“God is trying to make me better?”
“Always. He loves you. He really does.”

I’m finding as some of the kids get older, they are starting to bring God up occasionally, too. They report back about what they hear from other sources.

“Mama, did you know that even if you do something bad, God always gives you second chances?”

“Mama, Jesus is in my tummy.”
“In your heart.”
“No, no! In my tummy!”

“Jesus is in this room if two of us are praying.”
“Two or more.”
“No, just two!”

While we were sitting in bumper to bumper traffic one evening, our five-year old looked out the car window, sighed blissfully and said, “God must really love me. ‘Cause all these car lights are really beautiful!”

Little by little, God gives them pieces of the infinite mystery which is Himself – through us parents, through other people, through the created world all around. It’s amazing to witness. God is good.