Dear Saint Francis de Sales, I’m stressed, anxious, worried…

Having heard that I was a fan, a good friend gave me a worn out little book called Spiritual Letters of Saint Francis de Sales.

I smiled as I read the first letter, which seems to have been written just for me. In it, the good saint says Girl, chillaaaax.

“…God is not in the great and strong wind, or the scorching fires of agitated feeling, but in the soft, almost imperceptible, breeze of calmness and gentleness.”

“…strive to be as a little child, who, while its mother holds it, goes on fearlessly, and is not distrubed because it stumbles and trips in its weakness. So long as God holds you up by the will and determination to serve Him with which He inspires you, go boldly and do not be frightened at your little checks and falls, so long as you can throw yourself into His Arms in trusting love. Go there with an open, joyful heart as often as possible;–if not always joyful, at least go with a brave and faithful heart.”

Ok, I was paraphrasing a bit. I am definitely a long way away from going about life with the fearlessness of a little child. Too many worries, too many fears. Gotta work on that.