Advent Traditions Sidetracked
As I am writing this, there is no Advent wreath on the table, the Nativity set has yet to be found and the wise men are still in their box waiting for their journey to begin. Our family was visited a couple weeks ago by a stomach bug, and it is slowly working its way through, one child at a time. We’re on sick little person #3, and I’m hoping that my young son is really an X-man mutant, impervious to all disease. Since the stomach bug was having so much fun at our house, he also invited a mild cold, also working its way through, one child at a time. Needless to say, we are on Just Getting By With The Basics mode.

Jesse Tree Update
The non-sick kids and I have been scouring the neighbourhood for large branches that have been blown down from the now-bare trees. We’ve collected a respectable amount and put them all in our largest vase. We’ve decided to go with the simple colouring page download version of the Jesse Tree ornaments, and the seven-year old has decided she will colour it all herself. I don’t mind. None of the other children seem to mind too much, either. I suspect the two-year old is not quite aware of our grand project. Since he is usually not allowed to bring in his branches and sticks, he has pointed to our prominently displayed collection of dead branches and asked “Outside?”

Waiting, waiting, waiting
Something about being sick and being surrounded by sick people forces one to stop and wait. Wait to get better, wait to do the things we’d like to do, the things we think we ought to do. I fight the temptation to worry that we haven’t gotten started with Advent. I try to remember that, as with most things, Advent is less about the stuff, more about the people. More about the people who are waiting for their God.