Our first Jesse Tree! and our not-so-wreathy Advent Wreath…

Like I mentioned in a previous post, we’ve never tried to have a Jesse Tree during Advent. But since we got our act together, our family is enjoying this new tradition. We downloaded a set of colouring pages and the kids set out to colouring, cutting, affixing string. This worked out really well since this is what they enjoy doing left to their own devices anyway. (If your kids or you are not the colouring, cutting, affixing string-types, the Internet offers a wealth of ready-made ornaments in exchange for your hard-earned money.) Each evening we read about a person from the Old Testament and hang up their ornament. Having a children’s Bible or Bible stories is handy.

But without further ado, ten reasons why I’m now a Jesse Tree fan:

10. Now the kids* know who Isaac was. Actually, they were more interested in what a ram is. Curly horns? Fascinating!
9. Now the kids know who Sarah was, and that she had a baby named Isaac, who was Jacob’s daddy, who was Joseph’s daddy… Joseph, the guy with the technicolour dream coat?? Yes! He’s the one! It’s all coming together…
8. Now the kids know who Abraham was, and that God promised him that he would be the father of a great nation that numbered like the stars!
7. Now the kids know who Noah was. Well, I guess everyone knew about Noah from before. But now they really know about Noah.
6. Now the kids know who Adam and Eve were.
5. Now the kids know what the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was. (Try to say that three times fast.)
4. Now the kids know the story of Creation.
3. We got some exercise hunting around the neighbourhood for dead branches.
2. It takes the attention away from our not so “wreathy” Advent Wreath (Candles? Yes. Wreath? Not so much. It’s a Minimalist Advent Wreath, kids! Mama, what does “Minimalist” mean?)
1. And the number one reason why I’m a Jesse Tree fan: I don’t hear “Why don’t we have a Christmas tree yet?” so much. We do have a tree! A Jesse tree!

(* By “the kids” I mean everyone three and up. Ok, maybe five and up.)

So there you have it, folks: ten good reasons to try this Jesse Tree thing! And more and more reasons every day! Really, when else will you have an excuse to work in Abraham into daily normal conversation? Although we’re trying our best to keep up with the daily ornaments, I’m sure life will throw some curve balls and we might miss a few (or a lot), but so far the experience has been highly positive and this tradition seems like a keeper.