The school bus: our big yellow morning motivation

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a morning person. Before 8:30am, our house is like a circus. A slightly groggy circus. We can do bedtime prayers. We can do Grace before meals. We’ve even been known to say the Angelus now and then. But noticeably absent in our prayer toolbox was any sort of prayer to start the day. It occured to me that it was kind of weird to rush around the house in the morning, and completely ignore God, who was surely there, pouring out His graces to help us start the day.

An extra minute
It’s challenging to get out to the bus at this time of year, what with all the winter apparel. One particularly grumpy morning, after having wrestled particularly unwilling children into their stuff, I sat down on the foyer floor. I looked up at four pairs of eyes. I imagine that they were all waiting for me to say, Ok folks, let’s go to the bus. Instead of saying that, I looked at the stove clock and found that we were a minute early. And then, randomly, I said, Let’s say a Hail Mary. Confused, they obliged. Or rather, the older ones obliged. The younger ones did not run away. Then, I said Does any one have anything they want to ask Jesus for help today? And someone did, so they asked.

Children remember
Since that first day, the kids haven’t let me forget this little exercise. With their help, I’ve managed to keep faithful to a morning prayer for days and days, which is much better than never.

Say Good Morning to the bus driver
I try to remind the kids to say Good Morning to the bus driver, and not walk by him like he’s part of the bus. It’s tricky because, frankly, he does kind of blend in and they have so many other thoughts on their mind as they climb on. I suppose it’s even trickier to remember to say Good Morning to God, who is invisible. Thankfully, Mary has come to our rescue.