So green! So healthy!

It was 5:00pm on a Friday. All the easy meal options available in my fridge contained some sort of meat. After a quick consultation with all the stakeholders, we decided on our go-to meatless meal, macaroni and cheese. Without consulting the stakeholders, I decided to add some colour to dinner by cooking spinach in butter and serving it as a side. It didn’t sell very well. The kids dutifully tasted a small piece of shiny green leaf (as per Dr. Seuss’ instructions, Try it, try it, and you may. Try it and you may, I say…). No takers tonight. Except for me. I thought it was delicious.

Tonight, I simply sautéed the spinach in butter and added a bit of salt and pepper. After some online research, I might try this recipe, which involves a bit of garlic, lemon and crushed red peppers. Snow pea leaves, available at your local asian food store (just not in my fridge tonight, unfortunately), is also great cooked this way. It has a lovely, gentle taste that the kids are more open to (despite its suspiciously similar appearance to spinach).