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I peeked at next Sunday’s reading and it will be the Baptism of our Lord, which means it will be the end of the Christmas season, which means I can STILL wish you a merry, merry Christmas! I hope this rare post finds you and your family warm and peaceful, and ready to hit the ground running in this New Year. Here are a few photos of our home this Christmas, taken close-up so that you don’t see the mess (that can be a different post).

The candles are not purple and pink anymore!

There’s a pretty tree in the living room,

With a warmly dressed angel on top.

The Wise Men obscure the unfinished Jesse tree and arrived last weekend to welcome…

… the baby Jesus, our Lord and Saviour!

You are in our prayers, dear St. Clement families (and other readers, far and near)! God bless you!


I wish I could head over to the mall (since it’s too late for online delivery now, for those of us procrastinators) and buy these things for my family. Actually, they’re mostly for me, but I’m sure my family would really appreciate them.

  • A replacement heart for myself, of the Meek and Humble design
  • An Even More Magic Eraser than the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, the faster-than-the-speed-of-sound kind that erases harsh words in mid-air, before ear arrival
  • Or even better, a Minty Fresh Harsh Words Mouthwash (safe for daily use) that obliterates harsh words and reformats harsh tones even before they leave my mouth
  • Some sort of a Generosity Booster Energy Drink, preferrably Ice Wine or coffee-flavoured, that can leave me cheerfully able to play tic-tac-toe, lego, war, read books, and otherwise able to sit at rug-level for hours on end
  • Patience pills
  • Bulk-sized box of Smiles
  • A large, gold statement necklace and burgundy tights (Actually these can be wrapped. I’m just adding these just in case.)

Look at him. That man can do anything.

Actually. Here’s the man that can do anything. (Not Robert Powell, silly. Jesus.)

Nativity by Costa Lorenzo. Although St. Joseph looks a tad weary (don’t we all), I like this one because it looks like Jesus is learning how to roll over. And Mary looks so peaceful!

I wish you and yours a merry, peaceful and blessed Christmas! Thank you for stopping by and sharing our family’s adventures. See you in the New Year!

As we’re putting away Christmas things, I thought I would share two Christmas books that we enjoyed this year.

The Story of Christmas by Vivian French, illustrated by Jane Chapman. This book was a simple and sweet (yet accurate) telling of the Christmas story. It read really nicely without sacrificing any of the details of the story. I didn’t have to ad-lib at all. Here’s the part in the beginning with Gabriel and Mary, to give you an idea of what it’s like:

At first Mary was frightened, but Gabriel told her not to be afraid. “God sent me, he said. “God has chosen you to be the mother of His baby. His name will be Jesus.”
Mary smiled. “I’m happy to do whatever God wants,” she said.

I’m happy to do whatever God wants. Isn’t that a great way of simplifying “Behold, the handmaid of the Lord; be it to me according to your word”?

The Little Drummer Boy, illustrated by Ezra Jack Keats. The classic song with really expressive illustrations. Complete with the score. Can’t tell you how many times we sang this song over the holidays.

What is this?

Here a volunteer parishoner at St. Clement shares her personal experiences as her young family tries to keep the Catholic faith alive in their homes, living out the promises of their Baptism. Thank you for stopping in and be sure to share some of your stories as well!