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“…He will come again to judge the living and the dead…”

We were just starting the rosary when one of my daughters stopped me and asked what judge meant, launching a conversation about heaven (which we’ve had before). It also launched a conversation about not getting to go to heaven (which we have not had before). I tried to focus on God’s love and how He very much wants us to be with Him. But the new information had sunk in and everyone was thoughtful and quiet.

“Tomorrow I’m going to try very hard to help you and not to make you grumpy.”

I looked at her earnest face and squeezed her hand.

“Of course you will. And God will help you. Right?”

“When we rise, will cats rise too?”
“I’m not sure… we’ll ask Fr. Zimmer, ok?”


What is this?

Here a volunteer parishoner at St. Clement shares her personal experiences as her young family tries to keep the Catholic faith alive in their homes, living out the promises of their Baptism. Thank you for stopping in and be sure to share some of your stories as well!