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Sometimes there’s a little less water in the flower vase and a little more water in the crayon tray.

In the heat of the noon day sun, my five-year old, looking debonair in his chocolate fondue mustache, sighed and said, “Mama? I love Pentecost.”

At Mass today, Monsignor Zimmer invited us to look back and trace the tell-tale signs of the Holy Spirit at work in our lives. I looked around me in the pew and I was surrounded by wiggly, distracted little people and thought, “Well, if that isn’t the Holy Spirit at work…”

Because I think if it were entirely up to me, my life would not be as rich and beautiful as it actually is when I’m looking at it properly. Thank you, Holy Spirit, for being involved. Please help open my heart to you and fill me with the fire of your love.

Happy Birthday, Church!


My husband’s family has a neat little tradition of taking the balance of their Easter chocolate (or a great deal of it anyway), melting them, and having Pentecost Chocolate Fondue Extravaganza. We tried it this year, and despite our lack of fancy fondue equipment, it was a hit. We even found ourselves talking about the Holy Spirit! Fancy that.

We melted the chocolate using short, nervous stints in the microwave. Be careful not to burn it!

Everyone got to have a little bowl of fruit and marshmallows, plus their own little ramekin of melted chocolate.

Pentecost-inspired chocolate-covered fruit success!

Cadbury Not-so-Mini-looking Eggs

My husband came home from the grocery store looking very pleased with himself. Easter chocolates were on clearance and he bought more than a few “family”-sized bags. Was he worried that the four bags of goodies from Grandma and Grandpa’s house weren’t going to last the fifty days of Easter? Or were the combined one-two punch of the words chocolate and sale too much to resist? In any case, I didn’t give him my usual do-we-really-need-a-CASE-of-whatever-you’re-currently-holding look. A) I’ve come to learn that my husband is a pantry-stocking expert, b) Easter is a time for earnest celebrating. Jesus is risen! Alleluia! Bring on the chocolate!

Well, maybe not quite bring on the chocolate. Maybe judiciously parcel out the chocolate. Say, five Mini Eggs at a time.

“It’s STILL Easter!” my kids squealed with delight, pleasantly suprised that they were being handed FIVE crunchy little chocolate eggs after lunch.
“What’s Easter?” asked the ever-quizzing mom.
“Jesus is not dead anymore!” yelled the two-year old.
“Jesus is alive again!” screamed the three-year old.
“Can I have another egg?” someone whispered, wondering just how far to take this wonderful season.
“You mean, please may I have another egg.”
“Please may I have another egg?”
“Sure. Daddy bought lots.”

Happy Easter, readers!

The Resurrection of Christ, Bartolome Esteban Murillo

What is this?

Here a volunteer parishoner at St. Clement shares her personal experiences as her young family tries to keep the Catholic faith alive in their homes, living out the promises of their Baptism. Thank you for stopping in and be sure to share some of your stories as well!