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Can anyone really resist drawing googly eyes on an avaocado and a tomato?

As a recovering picky-eater, I marvel each day at what my children are willing to eat. For some reason, my kids seem to really like avocados and tomatoes. Even mixed together. Even with other mysterious things in it. Our simplified guacamole is only a small part of a very messy meal that involves tortilla chips, sour cream (or plain yoghurt), grated cheddar cheese and salsa. I spoon a bit over everything (in neat, separated piles) into their bowls and they do their very best. Everyone has their own technique. Everyone’s technique makes a big mess (including mine). It’s a great lesson in staying calm even when your lunch is just not cooperating. As our three-year old says, “It’s messy, but it’s good!”

After dicing and mixing an avocado and a tomato, I add a bit of lime, onion and garlic powder, salt and pepper. For adults, we use real Spanish onions and garlic.

Super cool tomato dicing technique
I’ve got to share this with you because it is mind-blowing.

Holding the tomato down firmly with one hand, start slicing parallel lines without slicing straight through.

Rotate the tomato and start slicing perpendicular to the original slices. Remember not to slice straight through. Leave a bit of tomato at the bottom unsliced.

At this point you’ve created little tomato fingers sticking out of a base.

Hold the tomato so that the fingers are sideways and cut out little cubes. Suddenly… diced tomatoes!

You’ll be left with the bottom part to just dice in the non-cool way. I welcome any advice regarding dicing avocados. It’s just a big mushy mess each time.


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