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One doesn’t have to be particularly religious to have religious items randomly strewn all over one’s house – just messy. And we’re pretty messy. Although the mess isn’t particularly religious in nature (most of it is quite secular), some of it is beginning to loudly suggest that maybe I should try to say the Rosary. Today.

The loudest item is a pale blue pamphlet entitled “Pray the Rosary Daily”. It doesn’t get more direct than that. And when I see it, I usually haven’t said a Rosary… yet. I suspect that it floats around our house because it has these tiny, fascinating pictures depicting the Mysteries. It may have to do with the fact that six out of six of us have trouble putting things away. It may also be those Guardian Angels in cahoots with Our Lady. In any case, however it finds its way in the middle of the playroom floor, there it is. And it says Pray the Rosary Daily.

The second loudest items are actual Rosaries. One might think that these things should be the loudest item, but they don’t explicitly have the words Pray the Rosary Daily printed on them*. One might also wonder what these are doing on the playroom floor and not safely in the Rosaries box. Ask the two-year old.

Sometimes just looking around and taking in Totality of Our Mess is enough to compel me to sit down at the nearest seat and sigh wearily. It is those times that I usually find that I’ve sat down beside, look at that what a suprise, a Pray the Rosary Daily pamphlet AND a Rosary. How convenient.

*We might be on to something here. Remember the scene in Alice in Wonderland where she finds a bottle of liquid that said Drink me and a piece of cake that said Eat me? Wouldn’t it be a good idea if Rosaries came with some sort of tag that says Pray the Rosary Daily? How could I ignore such an item when I find it among the rain boots?


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